When the via point becomes the destination

Yes, it’s true.  Today’s via point of Duluth became the destination.  So Henry Boy and I are in the waiting mode.

Good news is we think we know the source of the water on my floor.  Bad news is Ecovision needs a new freshwater tank.  And that might not be the entire cause.

Good news is the tank was locally available.  Bad news it probably will come tomorrow afternoon necessitating not just one, but two nights in Duluth.

Good news is the mechanic used his shop vac to suck alot of moisture out of the carpet.  Bad news is that is the entire length of the carpeting is still is sopping wet.

I did have a few fun things happen today that I’ll write up tomorrow with a few photos.  Lots of kindnesses took place.  And expenses. But I’m beat and we are heading to bed right now.

4 thoughts on “When the via point becomes the destination

  1. So agree that things breaking and delays just go with RVing. Can you believe that I looked and looked at my ceramic heater trying to decide whether or not to take it…and didn’t. Darn. Double darn. I figured with it being August and record highs since May or June it would just get in the way. It would have come in handy during the night, too, when temps dropped to 40s. All those 30 books about Lake Superior I brought and have only opened one, but a RV essential left behind! Learned my lesson.

  2. Thanks for kind words. The “kitchen” has been dismantled and tank removed. Henry and I are relaxing under my awning. One of us is reading and the other dozing. Guess who I’d doing what?! I hope to post photos later once new tank has arrived. Right now view if pond on site #7 is about all the scenery for today.

  3. These things happen. We spent a week in a motel in Homestead Florida while having an electrical problem fixed, view it as part of the adventure of rving. We have a small ceramic heater we use at times to take the chill off and not use the propane heater. It has also been useful in helping dry wet rugs.

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