Lake Superior

These pages– that chronicled my circling of the Great Lakes and other plans a few years ago–will be updated in Spring 2019. (updated 3/20/19)

Previously updated March 16, 2014

Henry and I picked Lake Superior as the first Great Lake to circle.  I liked the idea of starting from the headwaters of the Upper Lakes then heading south to the lower lakes over time.  I had fun reading my collection of books and articles on this magnificent lake.

We took off in our little motorhome the first week of August 2012 and planned to take the full month.  However, as fates would have it Ecovision‘s freshwater tank sprung a leak gradually soaking the entire carpeting.  Two days in Duluth with awesome RV mechanic Dean O’Brien got us back on the road.  He had to remove the entire kitchen to get the old tank out and new tank in, then put it all back together.

Henry and I continued up to Grand Portage, which is close to the Canadian border, but the still-wet carpeting, days lost and finances forced us to turn around and head back south.  Just not enough resources to enjoy the last section as I envisioned.  Darn. I hope to do the Canadian portion in 2014 or 2015.  I’ve done it by car and it is truly one of the most magnificent drives in North American.  There are hundreds of miles between small towns like Rossport, Ontario, and amazing parks like Pukaskwa National Park and, pictured below, Lake Superior Provincial Park.


Superior Trails includes a listing of the Provincial Parks and campgrounds along Lake Superior and other great resources.

The biggest Lake Superior news in decades was the creation of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area in northwest Ontario between Sibley Tip and Terrace Bay.  My friend and colleague Gail Jackson worked on this project for over a decade living in Rossport and while working for Parks Canada.  Hundreds of islands have been included and it’s an amazing accomplishment.

Eventually this page will hold more key facts and information about the people and places we discovered along the way.  Do email me if there is something of particular interest.  Meanwhile, here’s the official Lake Superior Circle Tour map:

2 thoughts on “Lake Superior

  1. It was awesome meeting and talking with you and Henry! Jamie and I wish you both safe travels and the meetings of many interesting people along the way :)

    Angie and Jamie
    Fort Wilkins, Copper Harbor

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