Lake Michigan

These pages– that chronicled my circling of the Great Lakes and other plans a few years ago–will be updated in Spring 2019. (updated 3/20/19)

Lake Michigan is the lake I am most familiar with and dearly love.  I owned a second home in the small coastal town of Frankfort, Michigan, for many years and have been going to northwest Michigan for decades.  Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore is God’s country and brings awe and peace.

I was in South Haven June 4-8, 2011.  This was my first visit and I posted a photograph of the glorious masted ship the Friends Good Will.  The ship was launched in 2004 by the Michigan Maritime Museum.  This gorgeous sailing ship is a copy of the original Friends Good Will built in 1820 in River Rouge, Michigan.  The museum and ship are worth a special visit.  While in South Haven, don’t miss the Chocolate Cafe (dark chocolate lattes to die for!) and Clementine’s (check out the full-scale model of the restaurant up high inside).   I also found five used books I couldn’t live without at Black River Books.

Too many other amazing towns from the Indiana border up to the Straits of Mackinaw to even list right now, but I’ll begin sharing the magic even before Henry and I circle Lake Michigan in 2014.

NEW: You can get a copy of the two-page 2012 brochure emailed to you by visiting the West Michigan Tourist Association

Updated August 18, 2014

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