Growing this blog

Inspired by my recent writing retreat with novelist Jane Hoppe in South Haven, today I added the 2012 Lake Michigan page.  Jane will be doing a book signing at the South Haven Memorial Library this year so stay tuned for that.   My own Great Lakes books are developing nicely.

Henry Boy

Jane and I both have extra-large, tri-color male Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that we adore.  Our Cavaliers may be one reason she and I stayed in touch after meeting during the metaphor workshop taught by the terrific Marc Nieson at the 2009 Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

My Henry Boy is jealous because Jane’s Charlie has his own blog!  Hmmm.  I keep telling Henry no he cannot have his own blog, but he does get to circle the lakes with me in our motorhome, Ecovision!  Yet even the special peanut-butter dog cookies I brought back from Decadent Dogs haven’t seemed to appease Henry’s desire for a blog of his own.  Darn.  Henry did get a mention on Charlie’s blog and Henry commented.  I am hoping that will do.

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