The bicyclists Kris and Zach finished their Great Lakes trip!

Thanks to an article by Sara Matthews on Great Lakes Echo, I just learned that Kris McNeal and Zach Chase finished bicycling around the Great Lakes. Yes, bicycling.  Around the entire Great Lakes!

Can you even imagine completing a journey like that?!  Sara writes they completed  5,700 miles in 97 days ending their trip in Duluth last weekend.  I have a link to their trip, Big Water Bike, on the right side of this page under “Others Circling the Great Lakes”.

Huge congratulations, Kris and Zach!

Bicyclists Kris McNeal and Zach Chase pass half-way point

As I mentioned last month, Kris McNeal and Zach Chase left Duluth on May 1, 2012 intent on bicycling the 5,300 miles around the lakes in three months.  I just learned they’ve passed the half-way mark and are now in Michigan on the way to Alpena (click here for their progress map).

Can you imagine doing this?!  Very amazing.

You can follow their adventures at Big Water Bike.  Also watch for the documentary that will be based on their travels.

Sounds like an amazing circle tour to follow

Kris McNeal (left) and Zach Chase. (Photo by Kris McNeal)

I like to support others who share a passion to get up close and personal with the lakes.  I just read an article in the Duluth New Tribune about Kris McNeal and Zach Chase who will be circling all five lakes this year (to download PDF of the article click here).  On bikes.  Averaging 60 miles a day.  Wow.  You can follow their Big Water Bike trip online and I’ll link to their travels in the right column.  They take off May 1 in Duluth and plan to return August 5th. They’ll be videotaping their journey along the way and will create a documentary.  So wish them well, and perhaps I will run into them in early August as they head back to Duluth.

Route map of Big Water Bike