Manitoulin moments

It is Sunday, May 19, and I have been home a few days. I plan to finish posting this amazing trip, but it is going to take me a while. Tomorrow morning I leave for a fourth Great Lake with another ferry ride to a second island. While there I will not have Wi-Fi so I won’t be able to post again until at least Friday. Then I’ll be able get back to the stories and photos. For now, I’ll share some images from Manitoulin Island.

Because of the thin soils and hard rock below, I noticed that utility poles are often surrounded by large rocks inside a metal circle to keep them upright.

I’m always fascinated and love to photograph abandoned buildings weathering in place. I wonder about their history, who built them, who lived there, who left and why.

I found a few areas where you can drive right next to the tall layers of the Niagara escarpment, the remains of an ancient sea bed from millions of years ago that still embrace our Great Lakes like a crescent moon.

I keep thinking of Misery Bay and want to learn and share more. I’ll leave you with the beauty of the days while I was there enjoying the landscapes and people of Manitoulin Island.

2 thoughts on “Manitoulin moments

  1. What a wonderful resource you are for anyone studying or even just interested in the great lakes! thank you Karen.

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