Islands and architecture on another continent in 2019

On May 1st I fly to Helsinki for three weeks in Scandinavia. My focus will be on visiting islands and viewing architecture and I can hardly wait. I’ve been researching and making plans for about six months. I will have a rail pass and travel around Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway taking you with me. I’ll be on and off many boats and ferries and enjoy Constitution Day in Norway with my cousins on May 17.

I also created a brand-new Scandinavian Islands and Architecture course that I started teaching today (March 5) at Silver Maples in Chelsea, Michigan. I will teach it again in April at Washtenaw Community College’s main campus. I’ll start sharing here some of what I teach. And this Thursday evening (March 7) I start teaching my Understanding the Great Lakes class on main campus. That’s always a great joy.

Meantime I have been developing a new website and blog under a different name. I will post that here unless I decide to just keep going and developing this one :) I have never promoted this blog, just kept it low key and personal. But as I get back to traveling around the lakes, taking photos, and interviewing people for my book and blog, I suspect it will take on a life of its own.

So stay tuned, and glad you’re here!

By the way, Henry is now 11 and doing great. I’m trying to figure out a way for us to get around the Lakes this summer. We both miss our travels together.

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