Planning is moving ahead

Okay, so I am getting excited. I went to REI yesterday and got mosquito repellent to spray on my clothes and a different kind for our campground rug. I also bought some thin socks with two layers to help prevent blisters. I am very prone to blisters and they sidelined me from long walks last fall for couple months. The idea is the two layers rub on each other rather then rubbing on the skin of your feet. I also bought a fancy version of a map wheel to run along an old-fashioned map to get exact mileage between points. Wanted one for decades. The final was a splurge on an REI purse that will hold my new mirror-less camera (without screaming camera case), ID, money, keys, iPad, etc. A plain dark grey, but quite functional. Really like the stiffness of the bottom that will protect my new camera.

Today I’m working on planning out the actual trip around like Michigan in my small motorhome Ecovision. This year I’m going to try to stay in as many Passport America campgrounds as possible. I’m a lifetime member and you get half off the normal campground fees. That said the discounts are often only valid Sunday through Thursdays and then possibly for only one to four nights. The other nights I hope to be in various federal and state parks, which I love. Most often at best you get only an electric hookup, but that’s fine with me.

Back to my maps, new map wheel and some of my favorite apps!


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