RVing Women


I actually joined RVing Women (RVW) before I bought my motorhome, Ecovision, in 2009. I had been to a women-only Elderhostel (now called Road Scholar) in Oregon called something like “Writing, Walking, Yoga”. The week was awesome–think breaching whales, beach walks, bald eagles, great people, sunsets, tide pools, seafood, yoga, writing and learning. The organizing group was Coastal Journeys and Carol and her husband were fantastic.

While there I got to know a retired professor who arrived in her motorhome and was heading to the Baja with RVing Women. Just what I was looking for!  So I joined online right there, contacted the Great Lakers chapter and starting going to meetings when I got home.  Then in October 2009 I bought Ecovision and the rest is history :-) I even kept a blog for several years that now kinda languishes with move to Ann Arbor, writing, photography, working part time and circling the lakes getting hold of me.

Anyway, RVW is wonderful and I just renewed for another year.

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