Minnesota’s North Shore Preview


Here’s a lick and a promise of several posts to come on the amazing north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. This post is about after the north shore.

I drove from Gooseberry Falls State Park stopping a couple times (details to follow). I landed in Duluth at noon so that Dean O’Brien could discover then rewire a 12-volt outlet that had been wired in backwards by an Indiana RV mechanic last fall. Grrr. Thank you, Dean (I met his son, Jordan, and Jordan’s cute black pug, Connie, too).

I headed next to Ashland, WI, to see Northland College and visit with folks at the Chequamegon Food Co-op. Nice! More murals and two blocks from Lake Superior.

It was very early and I thought I’d find a campground further down Hwy. 2, but Megan, the Co-op marketing and member services manager, told me about Ashland’s Kreher Park right on Lake Superior. That sounded just right and I headed over. Because it was so early, they had quite a few campsites. So I took site #3 with view of lake and near the showers.

I did import and label all of the day’s photos from my iPhone and Nikon onto my laptop, but that’s as far as I got yesterday on this blog :).

I spent the rest of day reading outside with Henry, having leftovers for dinner in my RV, catching up on email and Facebook, and later walking Henry along the lakeshore in the setting sun. Oh and took many more photos:). but that’s a given.

Heading to Rapid River, MI, soon! Below is view from my RV at Kreher Park.
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