Another lake journeyer on expanded trek

Loreen posted a map of her 2012 adventures

I’ve been following the journey of Loreen Niewenhuis since she started walking Lake Michigan in 2009.  I also read her book about the walk that I purchased at my local Ann Arbor independent bookstore, Nicola’s.  Then today I read an update about Loreen’s 2012 adventures in an article by Catharine Hadley.  All I can say is wow!  Hope you take the time to read the article especially about how the walking makes Loreen feel.  I share those feelings and I’m sure they will resonate with others.  You can follow Loreen’s journeys on her blog and by liking her on Facebook.

In terms of my own journey around the lakes, plans and preparations are in full swing.  Spring fever has a strong hold on me and I’m excited about my August adventures circling Lake Superior.  Right now I am completing various projects at home and in world of digital photography.  Then in a few weeks I’ll have my motorhome, Ecovision, dewinterized and upgrade her house batteries.  I’ve begun making detailed plans for the journey as well as writing a Great Lakes islands book proposal that I sketched out years ago and has now been requested by a publisher.  Much fun and, of course, lots of hard work.

Fortunately, I have 25 years of Great Lakes policy work to draw on and I’ve been to various locations around all of the lakes.  I was born in Detroit and began boating on Lake St. Clair with my family when just a baby.  I have lived all but three years of my life in Michigan, which is the heart of the Great Lakes ecoregion.  Over time I have grown to love the lakes more deeply and to become even more committed to their long-term conservation and well being.  They still take my breath away.

Very soon I will start sharing here regularly so please stay tuned.  You can sign up to follow this blog and also check out the full scope of my various activities including photography at  In addition to @circlethelakes, I Tweet @aboutthelakes and @abouttheislands.

2 thoughts on “Another lake journeyer on expanded trek

  1. Karen, I’m so excited a publisher has requested your book proposal. Your book will reflect your love of the Great Lakes; you’ll have wonderful stories and photos.

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